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The Best 10 Tiny Homes Ideas

Are You Looking For A Tiny Home Cabin?

If we have learned anything from 2020 and the pandemic, it is that people are valuing the opportunity to get out of their homes and be somewhere else with friends and family. Tiny Homes have become a very popular way for people to do just that.

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Tiny Homes are one of the most popular places listed on Airbnb because they provide a more affordable way for people to vacation or just take a quick weekend trip without the hassle of staying at a hotel. Tiny Homes are also used by people all over the country to create a new way of life by either living out of their tiny homes or creating space right on their property to pursue their favorite hobbies and relax. Cabin tiny homes might just be the answer to your desire for that as well.

The Best 10 Tiny Home Ideas:

Cabin Tiny Homes As Tiny Houses

The most obvious use of tiny homes is literally as tiny homes to live in. People are transitioning to tiny home living by either traveling the country with their tiny home on a trailer or by putting their tiny homes on a piece of land instead of a traditional-sized house. Singles and couples alike are saving lots of money on the cost of a home by living the tiny home lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that requires some sacrifice, but if you are willing to give up things like square footage and walk-in closets, tiny home living could be your next move.

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Cabin Tiny Homes As Offices

Working remotely has become very popular and even the norm in some industries, thanks to COVID-19 and the national pandemic that began early in 2020. Some people love it and some people hate it. Nevertheless, remote work is probably here to stay. A great use for a cabin tiny home is to convert it into your private office space.

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You could save the spare bedroom in your house for storage, a guest room, or a nursery by investing in a cabin tiny home and using that as your office space. Having that completely separate space helps a lot of people focus on their work and feel like they are not at home, even when they are still in their own backyards. Especially if you have small children at home or pets, office-ing in a tiny home cabin will allow you just enough separation to focus while still being available for lunch or an emergency.

Cabin Tiny Homes As She-Sheds

The idea of the She Shed was made popular by the infamous State Farm She Shed Commercial but has absolutely become a phenomenon. Ladies are transforming tiny homes into She Sheds and loving them. It’s a very popular way to use small cabin space, and let’s be honest, the ladies deserve a little sanctuary every now and again. Taking care of a home and or children is a huge job, and the She Shed possibilities that tiny homes offer are pretty much endless.

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Cabin Tiny Homes As Man Caves

If we’re going to talk about She Sheds for the ladies then we have to talk about man caves for the men. Turning tiny homes into man caves is a great option for both the men and the women, think about it. If there’s a man cave, then all the sports watching, loud cheering, woodworking, gun cleaning, and everything else ‘disruptive’ that comes from men hanging out together moves from inside the home to wherever the tiny home man cave is.

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Gentlemen, this could be exactly the space you need for your hobbies or game time on Sundays and Thursday nights with the boys. You could be doing yourself (and everybody else) a favor by investing in a tiny home to transform into your man cave.

Cabin Tiny Homes As In-Law Suites

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Parents and In-laws are important. Taking care of them in their later years can be a challenge at times, but something that is important to many people. Keeping your family close and providing a safe, accessible place for your parents or in-laws to live is an incredibly noble thing to do. Converting tiny homes into in-law suites is a great way to do that.

Westwood Cabin tiny homes come set up with kitchenettes and full baths, they’re perfect as an alternative to expensive retirement homes for the people you care about. If your loved ones are living in a beautiful little tiny home right on your property, then they’re close enough for you to keep an eye on but will also have their own personal living space and privacy. You might even be able to get them to babysit for you from time to time if you play your cards right.

Cabin Tiny Homes As Guest Houses

These days it’s pretty common for families to be spread out across the states and sometimes even in other countries. Using tiny homes as guest houses for friends and family traveling from far away is a great utilization of that space.

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Instead of your traveling friends and family cramming into a spare bedroom or sleeping on a pull-out couch, put them up in your beautiful tiny home cabin, complete with a kitchenette and shower. They will want to visit more often and stay longer when they get to stay in a tiny home cabin on your property instead of that uncomfortable sofa bed.

Cabin Tiny Homes As Rental Cabins

Turning your tiny home cabin into an investment property is very doable these days. Thanks to the pandemic, more and more people have started using Airbnb when they travel over a traditional hotel. According to Airbnb’s article about Traveler’s Top Trends, searches for cabins were the #2 search as of May 2020.

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Additionally, ‘cabins for 2’ was a top wish-listed item on Airbnb. This just proves that people are longing for that quiet, secluded, and maybe romantic tiny home cabin experience. You could make the investment and reap the rewards before you know it! For more on this topic of tiny home Airbnb, check out our blog that answers the question, “Is A Rental Cabin Investment Wise?”.

Cabin Tiny Homes As Retreat Cabins

Tiny home cabins can make excellent retreat locations. Maybe you need a private place to “get away” from the regular hustle and bustle of life? Maybe you need a place to go to think or journal or unwind? A tiny home cabin is a perfect place to escape. It could be your quiet place of rest or the place you go to plan things taking place in your life that require focus and concentration. Whatever you use it for, having a small cabin that is beautifully finished can be your escape.

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Cabin Tiny Homes As Hunting Cabins

Are you a nature-loving outdoorsman (or woman) looking for the best hunting cabin option on the market? Are you tired of spending the weekend in a hunting shanty without running water or a working toilet? Then a tiny home cabin converted into a hunting cabin is what you’re looking for. 

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A Westwood Cabin is big enough for you and a buddy or two to enjoy a week or weekend of hunting with room for food and your rifles, bows, and other hunting gear while still enjoying things like a hot shower at the end of a long day in a tree stand or after hiking a mountain calling for prey. Get into a Westwood Cabin for your hunting trips, and you won’t regret it.

Cabin Tiny Homes By Westwood Cabins

Westwood Cabins, based in South Carolina, relentlessly pursues quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and competitive pricing in order to deliver you the very best. We want your tiny home cabin to truly be a tiny home.

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Whether you’re creating an investment for yourself and your family, designing the perfect she-shed, setting up the ideal hunting cabin, or something else altogether, we want you to have exactly what you need. Contact us today or get a free quote on the cabin style of your choice. We’re ready to help you get the right tiny home cabin.