If you are seriously considering small prefab cabins for tiny home living or a secondary vacation home, you may be wondering how to proceed and what to expect.

At Westwood Cabins, construction begins 4-6 months after the design process is complete and a contract is signed. Timing is always subject to change depending on our backlog.

Once construction begins, the manufacturing process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to ensure that you receive a small prefab cabin of the utmost quality that meets all building codes and regulations.

During this waiting period, there are several things that you as a buyer can do to prepare for your cabin modular home.

blue exterior tiny home cabin


It would be nice to place a small prefab cabin wherever you so desire, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Our cabins are certified modular homes, thus you will need to do some research and check with your local township to discern the zoning requirements for your area. This should probably be done before you make the final decision to purchase your cabin modular home.

In addition, all customers will need a licensed contractor to put in the foundation and prep water/power/sewer hookups, and ready for the cabin to be set come delivery time. When picking a spot for your small prefab cabin, make sure that a block foundation can be placed there. This block foundation should create the minimum 18” clearance needed between the cabin subfloor and ground for plumbing hook-up purposes. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry! In our effort to make the process easier for you, we provide all customers with detailed foundation plans.

In addition to this, you will also need to plan your access to sewer, water, and electric hookup at your delivery location. This can dictate the actual placement of your small prefab cabin, so be sure to plan accordingly. We recommend contacting a professional in your area to assist you in these services.



Upon the completion of your cabin modular home at our South Carolina facility, we will load the fully built and assembled unit onto a custom trailer and deliver it to the specified install location. Adequate space will need to be available to accommodate moving the small prefab cabin to its desired destination. As a general rule, there should be an extra 2 feet figured into the width of the cabin to ensure proper clearance. Low-hanging objects such as power lines and tree limbs should also be considered.

When your cabin modular home does arrive onsite, the expert delivery team at Westwood Cabins will begin assessing how to set the cabin on the block foundation you prepared. If the area is nice and level with less than 40 inches of deviation, our team will slide your small prefab cabin off the back of the flatbed truck onto the foundation. If the area is on the side of a hill or at a place where our truck cannot get to, our delivery team will set the cabin modular home on the foundation using a crane. After the install portion is complete, you may need to contact a professional in your area to finish all utility hookups. The delivery crew will only set the building on the foundation, they will not be set up to handle any tie-in work. Once this is done, you can finally move in and furnish your small prefab cabin. Let the happiness and good times roll!

As always, if there is information above that has left you feeling confused, please talk to us! We would be glad to help in any way we can.