Our prefabricated cabin homes are designed to sit on permanent foundations, thus we don’t build them on wheels at this time.

Our delivery and setup fees are quote per job. Contact our amazing Westwood Cabins team to discuss delivery and setup details and get all your cabin questions answered. 

The beautiful kitchens in our prefabricated cabin homes come with the necessary hook ups for refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and washers/dryers. The appliances themselves are not included.

All Westwood Cabins undergo a very intense inspection process by a third-party agency to ensure compliance with local residential building codes in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. Our customers, however, are responsible for township zoning approvals and for meeting codes when connecting to utilities. Upon delivery to the job site, the customer must also make sure the foundation is built to code and ready for the cabin to be set. See our “What to Expect?” page for more info.

Our prefabricated cabin homes are considered modular living spaces, so they cannot be considered mobile homes

Your prefabricated cabin home or office space will be prepared on the inside for electric and plumbing (depending on the model). As a customer, however, you will need the assistance of a licensed professional to complete the utility hookup to the building.

We do not build on-site. Westwood cabins are modular homes, which means the cabin is built in a factory in a controlled environment to ensure optimal conditions for the components of your home throughout the entire building process. Once the cabin is completed, it is delivered to your property and placed on a prepared, permanent foundation, and becomes real property.  Contact us to discuss how to get a completed modular home onto your property.

Yes you can! We can do all the framing and finish the exterior of the home. This will let you, the customer, finish the inside at your own pace. However, this does make financing more difficult. Call your sales rep for help with your cabin questions!

Our manufacturing facility is located in Due West, South Carolina. We currently deliver to South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.



Download this helpful guide for everything you need to know, including a Buyer Checklist and the Cabin Buying Process.