living space, kitchen, and loft space with wooden interior of prefab log cabin

15 Ways To Maximize Every Inch Of Your Custom Cabin

Tiny living has been transformed by innovation and design, proving that size doesn't limit comfort or the usability of a space. At the heart of this transformation is Westwood Cabins, where we embrace the philosophy of 'less is more.' Every inch of our custom cabins is thoughtfully crafted to maximize small space living, so you can enjoy the benefits of your own cabin – without compromising on living space. 

Whether you want a custom cabin for yourself, your family, or for guests as an Airbnb rental, this is the blog for you! Join us as we explore fifteen ingenious ways Westwood Cabins help you carve out extra space for effortless living, making it clear that small space living is not just a trend, but a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle. Let’s get started with these small space design ideas!

#1 Customizable Floor Plans

No two individuals share the same needs and lifestyle, which is why the ability to customize your cabin is everything. We offer fully customizable floor plans, ensuring that your custom cabin perfectly aligns with your unique requirements. Whether you crave open-plan living or want segmented rooms for privacy as a small family, our tailored floor plans make it all possible. By employing thoughtful planning and design, we create a living space that maximizes functionality, using every square foot of your floor plan to support your distinctive needs, habits, and lifestyle.

farmhouse kitchen tiny home modular cabin

#2 Efficient Architectural Design

At Westwood Cabins, our architectural design is more than just aesthetics – it's a quest to make every inch count. From the strategic placement of doors and windows to the seamless flow between cabin rooms, every element is meticulously considered to ensure the most efficient and strategic use of your custom cabin space. Our design objective is simple: to create modular cabins that feel spacious and inviting, defying the constraints of their compact footprints. Check out our beautiful modular cabin models to see what we mean!

interior loft of a tiny home modular cabin
modular log cabin with wood ceiling and walls in loft space with dark railings

#3 Loft Spaces for Extra Room

In space-efficient design, vertical space is as crucial as horizontal space. Enter our ingenious loft spaces – the perfect solution to space limitations, seamlessly integrated into your custom cabin. These versatile loft areas serve as additional rooms, providing the ideal spot for a guest bed, storage space, or even a cozy reading nook. The best part? They don't encroach upon precious ground space!

#4 Multifunctional Furniture & Fixtures

With Westwood Cabins, furniture isn't just about style, it's about how well it works for your unique needs. Our custom wood cabinetry doubles as a workspace, pull-out beds save space when you're not snoozing, and strategically placed fixtures, such as hooks for fishing poles, ensure your cabin floor remains uncluttered. We seamlessly integrate multi-purpose furniture and fixtures that not only optimize space but also enhance living convenience, making it easy for the entire family to navigate your cabin.

Prefab Tiny Home Log Cabin Kitchen

#5 Smart Kitchen Design

We understand the value of a well-equipped kitchen, especially within modular cabins or tiny homes. Whether you want to whip up delicious breakfasts for your family before embarking on a day of adventure or cater to your Airbnb guests' culinary needs, our custom options make it possible! During the design process, we collaborate with you to strategically size and place your countertops, cabinets, sink, and more, while leaving ample room for your desired kitchen facilities, dining table, coffee table, and compact appliances.

#6 Intelligent Exterior Design

Our experienced team will help you extend your living space beyond the cabin walls. Features like a built-in porch not only provide a great outdoor relaxation or entertaining area for your custom cabin, but also serve as a seamless extension of the indoor living space. Plus, design elements such as dormers can bring in an abundance of natural light, adding to the feeling of openness and space inside your custom cabin.

#7 Innovative Storage Solutions

Efficient hidden storage solutions are the key to maintaining an organized and clutter-free space. Our custom cabins boast smart storage options like built-in cabinets, under-bed and under-seating storage, and strategically positioned shelves. Each piece of furniture and custom cabinetry is thoughtfully designed to accommodate small space living, ensuring your belongings find their dedicated place within your cabin, while preserving a sense of tidiness and spaciousness.

modern bedroom tiny home
modern bedroom modular cabin

#8 Space-Optimized Plumbing & Electrical Systems

At Westwood Cabins, we understand that space-saving isn’t just about visible design elements. It's also about effectively planning the things that aren't immediately noticeable. Our plumbing and electrical systems are carefully mapped out to align with the overall design, fixtures and wiring are skillfully hidden to maximize space and maintain a sleek and tidy appearance. Get more modular cabin tips in our previous blog, 8 Tips for a Seamless Transition To Tiny Home Living With Westwood Cabins.”

#9 The Magic of Mini-Split HVAC System

Conventional HVAC systems can often be bulky and intrusive. To combat this, we provide the option for a mini-split HVAC system. This compact system can be installed without the need for space-consuming ductwork and allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms. This way, you enjoy the benefits of a comfortable indoor climate without sacrificing precious space. Want to know what else you could add to your custom modular cabin? Check out our full list of modular cabin features.

#10 Seamless Integration with the Outdoors

Large windows and patio doors not only provide a visual extension to your cabin but also help create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This opens up the interior, making it feel larger and more spacious, while also fostering a harmonious connection with nature. You can even create a beautiful window nook beside a dining table, making the most of a particular view while you enjoy your meals.

#11 Modular Cabin Construction

Our modular cabin construction method allows for a more precise, efficient build. Each component of your cabin is crafted in a controlled environment, minimizing waste and ensuring a snug fit. The result? A cabin where every piece fits perfectly together, maximizing space and eliminating needless gaps.

farmhouse small prefab cottage bathroom

#12 Optimal Bathroom Design

Even the smallest spaces, like bathrooms, deserve optimal design to make the most of available space. Our cabins rise to the challenge. Compact fixtures, corner sinks, and thoughtfully integrated shower stalls ensure functionality remains uncompromised. Details such as mounted cabinets and over-the-toilet storage solutions contribute to creating an airy and clutter-free bathroom environment.

#13 Open Shelving

Open shelving in kitchens and living areas creates fantastic additional storage options without making the space feel enclosed. These offer a perfect platform for displaying your books, keepsakes or stylish kitchenware, adding personality to your space while maintaining a nice sense of openness.

#14 Use of Lightness

At Westwood Cabins, we also employ visual tricks to make your cabin feel larger. The strategic placement of windows bouncing light into the cabin can make a room appear twice its size by reflecting light and maximizing views. Similarly, lighter colors on the walls, floor, siding, and ceilings create an illusion of a more expansive space. Our design experts will help you choose the right color palette, siding, flooring, and window choices to bring a sense of airiness to your space. 

#15 Outdoor Storage Solutions

To further optimize your modular cabin's interior space, we provide waterproofing for outdoor storage areas. Our built-in porches shield these areas from the elements. Items not used daily can find a home in compact, weatherproof storage units outdoors, freeing up precious interior space while ensuring your belongings remain secure and easily accessible.

black siding and wood accents on covered porch on modular log cabin

Ready to Get the Most From Your Modular Cabin Space?

Remember, living small doesn't mean sacrificing comfort or convenience. It's all about making smart choices and enjoying the freedom that comes with minimal, efficient living.

With over a decade of expertise in the construction industry and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Westwood Cabins is here to craft your dream custom cabin in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.

Our team of seasoned professionals, boasting 200+ combined years of building experience, will guide you through the process from selecting your floor plan to customizing specific features.

Get in touch now for a quote, and let the tiny home transformation begin!