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Tiny Cabin Airbnb Investment – Tips, Guidance, & Real Experience

Shown in Studio ModelCan you imagine owning a darling, small cabin and renting it out to exciting local or worldwide travelers?

Of course, beyond just the thrill and accomplishment of owning an utterly charming small cabin and meeting new and exciting people, you can also imagine that extra cash flowing into your bank account.

If you're wondering what an Airbnb investment might look like and if you should really take that leap of faith, keep on reading.

Perhaps you feel a bit uncertain about your financial means, how to get started, where to get your cabin, how to set up an Airbnb, or whether investing in an Airbnb is worth it.

We understand the uncertainty and thoughtful consideration involved in the very beginning stages of any investment, which is why we reached out to a couple of our valuable customers about their Airbnb experience for you.

Firsthand Experience is Golden

Enjoy hearing from Esther Atkins, a rental cabin investor currently renting out her cabin on Airbnb, and hear her tips and experience. Also, view pictures of her Airbnb cabin and check them out directly on the Airbnb website.

You can enjoy viewing cabin pictures of another Airbnb investor and see her Westwood cabin directly on Airbnb as well.

First, consider the following if you are in the very beginning stages of an Airbnb investment.

Know if an Airbnb Investment is Right for You

The truth of whether an Airbnb investment is right for you lies in the following three principles.

  • Financial Stability - Are you stable financially? Can you afford to buy or finance a cabin or land?
  • Attractive Land - The property surrounding your Airbnb should not only be beautiful but also near enough to locations or sights of interest.
  • Patience - Do you feel comfortable with growing pains and a sometimes slow start-up process? Patience is key to a successful Airbnb investment.

If you have the above under your belt, then rest assured that an Airbnb investment is the right move for you.

Next, let's hear Esther's Airbnb story and glean from the tips and life experiences she offers. 


Tiny Cabin Airbnb Investment Firsthand Tips & Advice


Esther Atkins is a hostess at heart. It was always her dream to own enough space where she could host her family and friends. However, the option to add square footage to her home was not feasible.

Thus, her desire for more space for living and hosting first inspired the idea of owning an additional living space.

Esther was soon to discover that the additional beauty about owning a separate space as your guest room is that you can even rent it out to strangers!

She set out to find options for adding more living space to her property that would also be appealing to those looking for a place to vacation in her local area.

She would soon discover an option for a tiny home that would serve as a place for family when needed and a source of income for other times of the year.

living space, kitchen, and loft space with white wood walls in prefab cabin

From Camper to Tiny Cabins

Esther loved the idea of setting up a camper but discovered that they were not allowed to have one that people could sleep in on their property. With the camper idea out of the picture, tiny houses were next up on her list.

As Esther was researching a tiny house listing website, she saw an ad for a Cripple Creek Cabin (now Westwood Cabins).

From there the rest is history. Esther purchases our Fog Hollow and got it up and running on a piece of her own property. Once it was ready, she got listed on Airbnb,

Her tiny cabin Airbnb investment is thriving with loads of very happy guests and a 4.98 star rating. Esther is designated as a Superhost.

Allow the following questions about Esther's Westwood Cabin and Airbnb Experience to inspire and empower you to start your very own Airbnb investment.

Firsthand Tips & Advice with Esther Atkins


Q: How much did it cost you to start your rental cabin? What were the major start-up costs?

A: We bought 2 tables, a sleeper sofa from Wayfair made by ZipCode that are a huge hit, an 8” mattress for the loft, and some chairs for the porch and the main room. The main costs were building the foundation and hooking up sewer and water.


Q: Are there any features in your cabin that you recommend?

A: We love the whitewashed shiplap walls with bright red cabinets, and the full glass door with internal blinds definitely adds more light to our very private cabin.


Q: Are there any features you wish you had included but didn’t?

A: I wish that I could have added a back door or large window. The kitchen could be installed on the wall facing the bathroom door instead and have a full glass back door, which would also provide more light and the option to more easily add on the house back there


Q: Did you modify your cabin in any unique way?

A: We asked for a barn door for the bathroom to save space in there and we love it!


Q: How did you decide where to put your rental cabin?

A: We had a spare lot next to ours included in our home lot, so that was a no-brainer. It also faces 40 acres of woods, so it is very private for our cabin!


Q: Was there any license, regulation, or inspection, you had to pass to begin renting?

A: We had to get a certificate of occupancy, which came after we passed all our inspections.


Q: Has your Airbnb been profitable?

A: Very.


Q: How much profit are you making?

A: After taxes and cost, we are making over $2000 per month


Q: How consistently does your Airbnb stay booked?

A: We are at over 90% occupancy.


Q: Do you ever worry about a renter ruining or messing up your place?

A: We increased our rate after a few weeks because we found that the cheaper rates attracted renters who were less respectful of our place. It was a win-win for us.


Q: What about cleaning up when they leave? Do you have a certain amount of time set for in between guests?

A: Guests are generally very attentive to check-out procedures if you make them readily available and easy to find!


Q: How much time would you suggest for cleaning and setting up for the next renter?

A: It is anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the guest and how deep of a clean the cabin needs.


Q: How did you decide on what policies to have regarding checkout or check-in times? How do you communicate with your guests?

A: I communicate through the app, and we set our check-in and check-out times based on what is convenient to us and generally desired by our guests.


Q: Was hooking up your cabin easy? What all hookups did your cabin come with? Did it come with a water heater or other appliances?

A: The sewer and water were the toughest part. Our cabin didn’t have P-traps under the sink and toilet, so those had to be installed by the plumber who hooked everything up for us. The electricity was easy and free to hook up. Ours included a microwave, water heater, and window air unit.


Q: Is there any pitfalls or things someone might want to avoid when trying to get started as an Airbnb?

A: Don’t make your rates too low. People love tiny cabins, and you want to find those customers!


Q: What would you say to someone who is hesitant about investing in an Airbnb?

A: If you have the extra funds to invest, it is totally worth it!


Q: Do you ever (or solely) run your Airbnb remotely or are you local?

A: I live next door to it right now, but we could do it remotely as long as we have a cleaner who can come on-site regularly.


Q: What kind of feedback are you hearing from renters about your cabin?

A: Very cozy and inviting and more spacious than they imagined.


Q: Are you thinking about investing in another Airbnb cabin?

A: We have considered it but don’t have space for it anymore, and one is a good amount of work without hiring a manager.


Q: How much money does Airbnb keep?

A: They take a small portion of your amount and add fees to the prices you set, which are paid by the guest.


Q: Have you considered listing on other websites? If not, why?

A: No, because right now we are very full with Airbnb.


Check out Esther's Airbnb Cabin

If you live local to Esther and are considering a similar tiny cabin Airbnb investment, you might want to consider booking a stay overnight to see the cabin in person and get an incredible feel for what your very own tiny cabin could look like and begin dreaming about its future ideal set-up

See Esther's Cabin

Bonus! View another Westwood Cabin on Airbnb

Mountain Cabin in Foggy Hollow at Westwood Cabins

Another of our valued customers started her very own Airbnb investment.

She was born with real estate in her blood so it's no surprise to anyone that she one day pursued owning an additional living space and renting it out to guests.

Check out her lovely Airbnb cabin and enjoy gaining more real-life inspiration for how your rental cabin could look and function. Or if you are a local to the area, consider booking a night to get the full experience of what staying overnight in a luxury small cabin feels like. Disclaimer: it feels really good!

See the Cabin at Edelweiss


More Guidance for Starting on Airbnb & Rental Cabin Investments

While the above tips, real-life experiences, and pictures offer you helpful Airbnb investment insight, enjoy further guidance on starting up a small cabin on Airbnb.

For more tips on how to start hosting on Airbnb, check out this article on, The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Airbnb Hosting.

Also, check out our blog on, Is a Rental Cabin Investment Wise?

Nothing feels better than feeling equipped and prepared when stepping out on a big investment like your very own Airbnb cabin.

Speaking of cabins, if you have liked what you have seen and heard so far about Cripple Creek Cabins, check out our following cabin model. Your ideal cabin awaits!

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At Westwood Cabins, we craft high-quality small cabins with special attention to detail and interior perfection. All our cabins come finished on the inside and outside. Ready for hook-ups to plumbing and electricity.

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